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Let us use our experience to relieve you from reinventing the wheel.


We realize that your project, start-up or company is like a baby to you. And babies are handled with care. Not just to keep it safe, but to get the most out of it’s potential. Your baby is in good hands.


Since the start of crowdfunding back in 2006 we have been strong believers in the potential of crowdfunding, and look where we are today. Not only has the crowdfunding market taken off, we have contributed to many successful crowdfunding campaigns. Campaigns we are extremely passionate about, as they are projects and companies we could have started ourselves. And that’s how we like to see yours: like our own.


We have been following crowdfunding from the start, and have been actively contributing since 2012. We were involved to help set up a crowdfunding platform for the African SME market, as well as contributing to the realisation of an alternative finance fund for the Dutch SME market. After coaching some smaller campaigns our real breakthrough came with Mantelaar. A Dutch start-up connecting elderly with medical students. The campaign won the Dutch Crowdfunding Pioneer Award in 2015.


Expand your crowd

Original and creative often times go hand in hand. With crowdfunding being creative can mean having an original idea, but it’s strengh comes from creating smart ways to use the resources at hand to reach as much of your potential crowd as possible.


Boost your funding

Not every campaign has a viral video, or media reaching offline events. Not every campaign needs them. Crowdfunding is not about breaking records. It’s about making sure your plan/start-up gets the funding it needs. There are many ways to Rome. And just as many types of companies, ideas and plans. All with different  networks, goals, value propositions, and visions. The trick is to make every  specific campaign work. This will require a different approach every time. An element that keeps us on our toes, keeps us fresh, and keeps us original.

Tailor Made


From the subsidie slashed art project to the bank rejected experienced company, we have seen it all. And we would like to get you back to work.

Quick Scan

In an one hour session (live or skype) we will cover de basic principles, cover your most important questions and determine if your plan is crowdfundable.

Extended Case Study

In this case study we shall dive deep into your project/company as well as all aspects regarding crowdfunding, and make sure all the elements fit together so you can confidently start your own crowdfunding campaign.

Campaign management

Campaign management includes involvement in all elements of the campaign for the periods required for your project. It starts with the strategy fase, which will lay the groundwork for the campaign. After the strategy fase we can decide together how large our role will be during the remaining fases.


Who doesn’t like a workshop now and then? Especially a highly interactive one. Get to terms with the basics of crowdfunding or get to ask all your specific questions regarding your upcoming campaign.

Presentation - Education

How does crowdfunding fit your branch, community of study? We have experience in many fields of crowdfunding and can't wait to share this relevant information with you.

Free webinar

Have a quick question or are you curious what other crowdfunders have to say? Join our free webinar.


Please get in touch with us for all your questions, remarks, or requests. We would like to hear from you.

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